About us

The Shinta Mani Foundation believes in enhancing the lives and livelihood of people in the communities where we operate and providing them the tools to overcome poverty.

The Foundation’s community activities began in 2004 with the opening of the Shinta Mani School of Hospitality on the grounds of the Shinta Mani. This innovative program, which received international recognition for its efforts, trained under-privileged young Cambodians hotel operations free-of-charge, providing them with the skills to find employment and enjoy a bright future.

The successful blending of a non-profit/ for-profit business attracted such interest and support that by 2006, Shinta Mani began new ways to give back to the community. By engaging in community development programs targeting rural families, we seek to empower families. To date, guests of Shinta Mani have sponsored over 900 piglets, 800 school supplies, 1,300 water wells, and 97 homes and have given medical care to over 3,900 students.

In its first few years, the Foundation has achieved measurable success in education and livelihood assistance resulting in meaningful changes for individual families and for the community as a whole.