Direct Assistance


The WaSH Program, standing for "Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene,"  is a critical aspect of public health in the context of international advancement. This program aligns directly with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 6, emphasizing the  imperative of clean water access and education about proper sanitation and hygiene practices.

Many international development agencies agree on the transformative impact of WaSH programs within communities. Enhancing access to clean water and promoting hygiene education can bring about significant health benefits, increase life expectancy, and augment student learning capabilities. Not only does it contribute to reducing illness and mortality rates, but it also fosters socio-economic development, ultimately leading to community growth and progress.

The Shinta Mani Foundation is committed to implementing the WaSH Program as a part of its direct assistance efforts. As we strive to improve public health and quality of life, our focus remains on the provision of clean water and education on sanitation and hygiene. We believe that through these efforts, we can make a significant difference in the communities we serve.